Monday, August 6, 2007


The mercury reached 97 today in the Bayou City. In spite of global warming, this summer has been cooler than any I can remember. Yet every time August or September rolls around, I wonder why I am still living here!

Fourteen years ago today I took this picture at sunset. We had hiked up Cascade Canyon and over Hurricane Pass over the last two days, spending the night at Sunset Lake on the west side of the Tetons. We had already worked our way over much deep snow, but we weren’t prepared for what lay between Sunset Lake and Death Canyon. We became stranded right where this photo was taken, and had to camp in the middle of the trail!

Years later, I learned that 1993 was a record year for snowfall in the Rockies. Six feet had fallen on the Tetons at the end of July—just one week before we hiked over. Even with the hardship, it was all worth it. The Teton trip is still the most memorable of all my 17 high-adventure trips to date.

What’s your most memorable summer getaway?


Matthew said...

What a beautiful picture. Not a bad place to be stranded I guess. That is definitly a kodak moment. I really wish i was there that summer just to snap a picture.

B C Justice said...

Y'know, it's strange how some things are never the same as they are the first time around. We went back to the Tetons in 2000 (Paintbrush Canyon, a different trail) and there was hardly any snow left in the 90+ degree heat.


JKelley said...

That was probly hard trip to go on but, in all of the trip I have gone with this extraordinary troop, I know that I will never feel as close to a group of young men as I did and still do today . My life has been enriched honor to have the opportunity to travel and speed a large part of my life with my big brother and all of the members of our small but mighty troop . Unfortuly we can never really return to that exact feeling or find a place to be a good as it was in that moment exceedingly the memories do get better with time and laughter.