Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Since we don’t have a “feeder” pack, recruiting has always been a challenge for us. In our 27 years of existence, only a handful of Webelos have ever visited our troop, even though we have invited them to every type of event conceivable. Most Webelos crossover to the “Pack’s Troop,” the one where you don’t have to buy new numbers for your uniform.

Except for us, this system probably works okay, right? Actually no, our district isn’t very successful at keeping Webelos in Scouts. Some say it’s because they do too much Scout-level stuff while they are Webelos. Sometimes the troop-of-the-same-number doesn’t fit the new Scout’s interests. Sometimes the new Scout quits because there is a conflict between Scouts and other activities. Sometimes the new Scout moves to another area. And occasionally, the troop itself falls apart.

Danny Olivas and Nancy Elliot of Houston’s Pack 266, sponsored by West University Methodist Church, have a new answer for this. The pack invited several area troops, including ours, to a “Meet The Webelos” event, held at their meeting place. It is the first time we have ever been invited to such a thing. Each troop was encouraged to make a 5-minute presentation about their program. Refreshments were provided. A counter that ran along the sides of the room was home for each troop’s display board. A mingle time followed the presentations. Danny promised he would encourage the Webelos to visit the troops.

Our Scouts had a lot of fun mingling with the Webelos of Pack 266. We hope each one of these fine boys finds just the right troop for them and stays in Scouting to Eagle and beyond. Any of them would be an asset to our troop. I hope that it made an impression on the Webelos to know that they were so wanted by the dozen or so Scout troops who attended.

Dan and Nancy, you and your pack have started a great thing here. Thank you!


lonestarscouter said...

What a great Idea! I think I'll pass that idea along to the packs in our area.

Jerry said...

Annually our District (and most of the Districts on our Council hold a Campout called "Webelos Woods"
It is an opportunity for Webelos Dens, their Den leaders and parents to come and see what Boy Scouts are all about.
It is not a pure "Recruiting event"..but those Troops that invite Webelos dens to camp with them do real well.
During the event we also host a "Webelos to Scout Transition class"... an opportunity for Den leaders, Parents and Scoutmasters to get together, ask questions, and get a feel for Boy Scouting.

B C Justice said...

We have a Webelos Woods also, but the troops there tend to host their own feeder packs, and that leaves us out. Even though they will see other troops at the event, some degree of loyalty to troop of the same number will always be in play.